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Next Steps

Dear Friends,

Now that our first exploration into organizing RevComs is complete, we’d love to hear some feedback as to how your events went. Please email us with notes, questions, or concerns coming from your initial gatherings to Re-Create Revolutionary Communities. If you have not yet organized a meeting in your area, never fear. We are here to help you through the process. Just drop us a line with your questions about how to get up and running, and please feel free to lean heavily on the resource guide, linked here.

Our email:

RevComsHere are some other news and notes about RevComs:

1. Our next teleconference is Sunday, March 13, from 8pm to 9pm Eastern (5pm to 6pm Pacific). We are working on a guest speaker for the call.

Email us to attend.

An agenda will be sent out prior to the call.

2. We are putting additional tools together to help with networking and getting the assistance you may need to start things up. In addition to the resource guide, you can:

a. link up via our Facebook Page where questions and discussion are warranted and wanted.

b. join our dedicated (and free) discussion board:

c. check out our new website where you can subscribe via email to posts and commentary: (hey hey! you made it here!)

d. see how we are growing via the mapping project at Zeemaps.

Next Steps:

1. If you are feeling lost, need guidance, or have questions, please email us!

2. Attend the next conference call.

3. Talk to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. about the concept and get them to send us a note of interest at (and have ‘em include name, city, state, and country).

4. Help us raise funds for Cindy, RevComs, and Peace of the Action. You can donate specifically for RevComs via the donate page. You can donate directly to Cindy and receive her forthcoming book, Revolution, A Love Story,  through this dedicated site.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing the collective effort to Re-Create Revolutionary Communities!

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