Connecting the Paradigm Shift

Here is the agenda for the call.

Call will be from 8 to 9pm Eastern (5 to 6pm Pacific), Sunday, April 10.

Number: 1.218.632.0995

Code: 73223

Once you are on the line, please press *6 to mute your phone so background noise and echos will be eliminated.


00 – 05 Welcome. Mute Phones.

05 – 10 Quick Update on Revcoms. Volunteers needed for projects. May gatherings.

10 – 50 Special Guest Kevin Zeese. Kevin is a colleague, friend and devoted activist, co-founder of Voters for Peace, Prosperity Agenda, and other entities. Kevin was Ralph Nader’s press secretary in 2004, and was a candidate for Senate in 2006 with endorsements across the political spectrum. Kevin will discuss his latest project,, and will field questions.

50 – 60 Recap. Next Steps. Close.

Please submit questions for Kevin before or during the call to our email address, If you’d like to speak on the call, send a note and we will include you.

Please feel free to invite your friends to this call, and have them get involved by sending us a note.


Peace of the Action

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