Connecting the Paradigm Shift

Peace of the Action (POTA), Cindy Sheehan, United Progressives,, and several other entities are calling on us to occupy Sacramento beginning May 9, 2011.

We seek your endorsement for – and participation in – this occupation to strengthen our approach, our numbers, and our will. Join together with more than 40 other endorsers and sponsors.

No More Taxes for Wars & Occupations
No More Tax Breaks for the Rich & Their Corporations

To be clear, this is an occupation in direct challenge to Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature’s austerity measures in California. The budget “fixes” proposed will come down on the backs of the most vulnerable, while continuing to provide corporate welfare, funds and use of California National Guard in wars of aggression, and a regressive tax structure.

We believe there is a bPeace of the Actionetter way.

  • Close Corporate Tax Loopholes & Incentives
  • Fully Fund Education & Other Social Programs
  • End State Funding for National Guard Units Leaving California
  • Raise Taxes (Employ Austerity) on California’s 650,000 Millionaire Households
  • Employ Massive Prison Reform & Drastically Alter Criminalization Codes
  • Bring Single-Payer Health Care to California
  • Mandate and Create a Zero Carbon Economy to Mitigate Climate Change

All this is to say: End the financial and discriminatory wars on women, workers, unions, immigrants, indigenous peoples, disabled, and people of color, the poor, and homeless communities.

All this is to say: End the ecocidal war against the state and the planet.

All this is to say: End the cycle of perpetual war, occupation, and terrorism being conducted around the globe.

We recognize the work we do in California now can be a model employed in other states and nations, and likewise seek your support to galvanize the effort and spread the word to your members, friends, allies, and colleagues. We will share our successes and failures every step of the way, and will help organize in every other state and nation as appropriate.

The Plan: Strike. Occupy.

May 9 & Beyond: Arrive Sacramento, Join Teacher’s Union Occupation of Capitol, Support Legal Case Against City By Homeless Communities

  • Set up Tent City occupation of Capitol grounds
  • “Refuse to Move”
  • Manage logistics, expand our ranks, employ tactics
  • Teach-Ins, Die-Ins, Human Be-Ins, and more

We encourage and urge everyone to bring your strength, your issue, and your expertise to directly challenge California’s corporatocracy right where it presides: Sacramento.

We will not set an end date. We don’t intend to leave. We will not back down.

To donate, click here or here.

To endorse, email or call:

Peace of the Action (POTA) or
202.487.1201 (name, number, organization, email)

Cindy Sheehan

Contact us for more information and to provide details of your participation. Band together. Occupy Sacramento.

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