Connecting the Paradigm Shift


Cindy Sheehan and non-profit organization Peace of the Action have launched a new, unifying, and aggressive program of action dubbed Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities.

Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities, known as RevComs, seeks to unite individuals and entities on the local level in order to create a national and global front against the domination of destructive capitalism and government cronyism and for steady-state, hands-on approaches generating peace, basic needs, environmental mitigation, and community.

In late 2010, Sheehan informally reached into various activist networks asking individual members to provide analysis, critiques, and other feedback in order to shape the initial context of RevComs. She heard from hundreds across the political spectrum, including from supporters of President Obama ready to abandon him due to his continuation of the US wars of occupation, expansion of the use of drones in Pakistan and elsewhere, and his Administration’s continued attacks on civil liberties at home and abroad. Observing small-scale efforts in the United States and elsewhere known as ‘transition towns’, Ms. Sheehan asked Peace of the Action to mold together the feedback she received with her observations in order to launch the RevCom drive for change.

“We have marched millions of miles,” states Ms. Sheehan. “We have signed thousands of petitions, we have worked for hundreds of candidates who promised ‘change’, and we are still being robbed of our basic necessities and even our children to enrich the capitalist class and empower a corrupt government. It’s time we started to withdraw our consent to be robbed and take power into our own hands to create healthy, peaceful, and sustainable homes and communities – for our children and grandchildren and for all the children in the world.”

Peace of the Action board member Gregory Vickrey adds, “2011 is a make-or-break year for empowering activists and humanity as a whole to overcome the transgressions of governments at every level and to re-construct the ideals of civic society, justice, and responsibility.”

Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities will spend the year networking, planting seeds of peace, and cultivating those already working on a holistic approach to new paradigm of thoughtful, meaningful, actual change.

Ms. Sheehan concludes, “The future can be beautiful, but it’s up to us.”


Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities (Revcoms) endeavors to galvanize people on the local level, while perpetuating work through the creation and enhancement of an international network. Already, numerous avenues – food co-ops, community gardens, local barter, drop and swaps, co-housing, tool sharing, etc. – are employed by groups of people everywhere; we seek to unite those efforts and create more opportunities and more avenues for elemental community to grow, all the while throwing off the shackles of the status quo, empire, and capitalism.

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