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RevCom Tour: Bring Recycling

Another video from the RevComs or Bust Tour with Cindy Sheehan, featuring Bring Recycling. Enjoy!

Bring Recycling, RevCom Eugene from GordonSturrock on Vimeo.


RevCom Tour: Potato Leaf Project

Have a look-see at another video from the RevComs or Bust tour with Cindy Sheehan, featuring the Potato Leaf Project.

Revcoms Tour Live Stream!

They Will Not Control Us

Our RevComs or Bust Tour is going so well that we wish we could be in more cities–and, guess what? If our tour isn’t coming to a town near you, this time, we are LiveStreaming our event in Arcata, California, on Thursday, Aug 25th!

The company who hosts the archives of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, StreamGuys. is based out of Arcata and they are generously providing this service to the Soapbox Community for free!

When: Thursday, August 25, 730pm Pacific, 1030pm Eastern
Where: Tune in here!

Please consider a donation today, and thanks for participating in Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities.

RevCom Tour: Backyard Farmer

Have a look at the first video from the RevCom or Bust Tour!