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RevCom Tour: Bring Recycling

Another video from the RevComs or Bust Tour with Cindy Sheehan, featuring Bring Recycling. Enjoy!

Bring Recycling, RevCom Eugene from GordonSturrock on Vimeo.


RevComs or Bust Tour Begins!

By Cindy Sheehan

Today, the “Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities or Bust Tour” kicked off our nine city tour in Oregon and California with some exciting visits in Eugene, Or.

We pulled into The Eugene Backyard Farmer and learned from owner, Bill Bezuk, how keeping and raising chickens is beneficial to the economy, environment, family life (teaching children responsibility) and food security. (No value judgements on diet choices).

After the chicken store, which also sells 78 different breeds of chickens, our group went to Bring Recycling (Planet Improvement Center) which is a beautiful place that recycles all kinds of goods, breaks them down, and sells them at a good price back to the community. Bring not only preaches what director, Julie Daniel, calls the “Four Rs:” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink through the educational outreach program, it puts into practice the Four Rs to make the community of Eugene a better place to live.

Scratching at my many mosquito bites reminds me of visiting The Potato Leaf and Common Ground community gardens in a Eugene neighborhood where neighbors are reaching across fences, political ideologies and any other kind of false divisionSto grow food, muscles, and community.

Exciting things are happening in Eugene and we are getting ready to head out to visit eight more communities to find out what YOU ARE DOING for sustainability and localization and how we can link organizations and activities together to build strong relationships and healthy activities that can actually change the world.

We will post video of today, soon–and we should have regular video updates!

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