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Conference Audio 04.10.11

The RevCom conference call tonight included special guest Kevin Zeese of discussing comprehensive approaches to change, as well as specifics of upcoming events in New York City and elsewhere. Kevin took several questions for the discussion. Cindy Sheehan talked about a developing campaign in California which will begin May 1st, 2011, with a march to Sacramento, and continue with a camp-out occupation of the state capitol. The beauty of the campaign? We can match the approach in all 50 states and beyond.

Catch the audio of our conference call here: RevCom Conference Call 04.10.11. And please feel free to spread it far and wide.

Several websites were mentioned during the call, and we highlight them here:

US Uncut

Amped Status

Federal Budget Analysis and Public Opinion (pdf) (strategic info here)

We deeply appreciate Kevin Zeese’s participation, and thanks to everyone who made the call.


Conference Audio 03.13.11

We will soon build an audio archive for our recorded conference calls. In the meantime, please feel free to download, listen, and share this link to our call on March 13, 2011.

RevCom Conference Call 03.13.11