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Revolution is a Potluck

By Cindy Sheehan

“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” – Mao Zedong

First of all, don’t worry, I am not advocating violent overthrow of the Robber Class in this piece—now that your mind is eased (or disappointed), I will go on.

Today, Peace of the Action, and our Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities or Bust Tour is wrapping up near Yosemite in bucolic (and hot), Oakhurst. We began in Eugene, Or. and stopped in Hood River and Newport before heading down to California where we had events in Arcata, Garberville, Fresno and soon in OakhursRevComst.

At each stop, a community potluck was included and I observed and heard many revolutionary acts being planned by members of each community stemming from the mere act of building community.

Back in the days of the Great Depression in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, “community” wasn’t a concept, it was a reality—with longevity in residence, no TV box, and multi-generational homes—for better, or worse, we needed each other. Since then, we have become Pod People—isolated and propagandized by the TV box to the point where many of us believe that if we need another person, we are weak. However, this tribal need for community is natural and we should pay heed to the impulse to gather in healthy community rather than suppress it with unhealthy activities.

Re-creating Revolutionary Communities is not about locking ourselves in our own homes with stockpiles of food and ammo and it’s not about confronting our current class-based diseased system head-on with heavy weaponry or ineffectual protests. It’s about, as far as possible for each of our own current circumstances, CREATING OUR OWN SYSTEMS.

On our tour, we have seen communities using local scrip, barter, community gardening and food co-ops, canning circles (fyi, canning is preserving food that you grow—it’s an ancient process making a comeback), community medical clinics, recycling, forest preservation, energy production, etc.

This Empire that we reside under is on the verge of collapse by institutional rot, fueled by avaricious greed. Removing ourselves from the diseased systems of the Robber Class is the only way we are going to survive the collapse.

Can it be any more obvious at this point that we cannot vote our way out of this mess? This system cannot be reformed to a place where it’s healthy, clean and safe for us.

Many people wrote to me in 2008 that “Barack Obama is our only hope.” Well, I don’t know how many more deaths and economic terrorism against our class it’s going to take before 100% of Obama supporters wake up to the fact that Obama was only “hope” for the Robber Class.

Now, I am being harassed with, “Ron Paul is our only chance.” Please, give it up, people.


We have been finding that many people are on this parallel path of localization and we feel that it’s imperative to connect our communities in solidarity to build a new paradigm of people before profit and anti-consumerism that has infected us in the Robbed Class.

“Dog eat dog” is dead. Have a potluck in your community and start fomenting your own revolution!

We are thinking of doing a West-East RevCom tour in late spring next year—let me know if you are interested in having the tour come through your town.

To get a free PDF copy of my Woman-i-festo, Myth America, 20 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution, please email me at:


RevCom Tour: Bring Recycling

Another video from the RevComs or Bust Tour with Cindy Sheehan, featuring Bring Recycling. Enjoy!

Bring Recycling, RevCom Eugene from GordonSturrock on Vimeo.

RevCom Tour: Potato Leaf Project

Have a look-see at another video from the RevComs or Bust tour with Cindy Sheehan, featuring the Potato Leaf Project.

Revcoms Tour Live Stream!

They Will Not Control Us

Our RevComs or Bust Tour is going so well that we wish we could be in more cities–and, guess what? If our tour isn’t coming to a town near you, this time, we are LiveStreaming our event in Arcata, California, on Thursday, Aug 25th!

The company who hosts the archives of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, StreamGuys. is based out of Arcata and they are generously providing this service to the Soapbox Community for free!

When: Thursday, August 25, 730pm Pacific, 1030pm Eastern
Where: Tune in here!

Please consider a donation today, and thanks for participating in Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities.

RevCom Tour: Backyard Farmer

Have a look at the first video from the RevCom or Bust Tour!

RevComs or Bust Tour Begins!

By Cindy Sheehan

Today, the “Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities or Bust Tour” kicked off our nine city tour in Oregon and California with some exciting visits in Eugene, Or.

We pulled into The Eugene Backyard Farmer and learned from owner, Bill Bezuk, how keeping and raising chickens is beneficial to the economy, environment, family life (teaching children responsibility) and food security. (No value judgements on diet choices).

After the chicken store, which also sells 78 different breeds of chickens, our group went to Bring Recycling (Planet Improvement Center) which is a beautiful place that recycles all kinds of goods, breaks them down, and sells them at a good price back to the community. Bring not only preaches what director, Julie Daniel, calls the “Four Rs:” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink through the educational outreach program, it puts into practice the Four Rs to make the community of Eugene a better place to live.

Scratching at my many mosquito bites reminds me of visiting The Potato Leaf and Common Ground community gardens in a Eugene neighborhood where neighbors are reaching across fences, political ideologies and any other kind of false divisionSto grow food, muscles, and community.

Exciting things are happening in Eugene and we are getting ready to head out to visit eight more communities to find out what YOU ARE DOING for sustainability and localization and how we can link organizations and activities together to build strong relationships and healthy activities that can actually change the world.

We will post video of today, soon–and we should have regular video updates!

Please contribute to the trip by making a small donation here!

RevCom Bus Tour: Cindy Sheehan & Squadron 13

From August 19th to the 30th, Cindy Sheehan and three military veterans will embark on a bus (veggie oil) tour from Eugene, Oregon, to Fresno, California, and back.

We’ve talked about it here, and elsewhere, and the energy brought to the table by the local communities has been astounding. Up and down the length of the trip, there are localized revolutionary efforts underway, and the tour will highlight and report back on the best of them.

The RevCom tour is set to revitalize the grass roots initiative, Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities, and each of the stops along the way are filled with exciting events.

Following is a list of the dates and places the tour will be stopping; for more information on the events in each community, please email Gordon at:

Sat, Aug 20th: Eugene, Oregon
Sun, Aug 21st: Hood River, Oregon
Mon, Aug 22nd: Newport, Oregon
Tue, Aug 23rd: Free day
Wed, Aug 24: Free day
Thu, Aug 25: Arcata, California
Fri, Aug 26: Garberville, California
Sat, Aug 27: Fresno, California
Sun, Aug 28: Free Day
Mon, Aug 29: Free Day
Tue, Aug 30: Sacramento, California

A message from Cindy Sheehan:

Recent events in the U.S., which amount to financial terrorism by the elite, have demonstrated that Democracy with a Capital D is officially DOA, and We the People can face a scary future assured that we will survive, because we can build communities that foster peace, health, the environment, and prosperity.

In 2009, I toured the nation with my book, Myth America, advocating for such communities–they were urgent then, and necessary, now.

Hope to see you out on the tour!

Please consider making a donation for the tour utilizing one of the mechanisms to the right.